Benefits of practicing Pilates

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More and more people are encouraged to practice pilates due to its multiple benefits for our body.

The Pilates consists of numerous exercises that aim to work all the muscles and parts of the body equally. Pilates increases muscle strength, flexibility, and range of motion in muscles and joints.

A mistake that is usually made is thinking that Pilates is a relaxation, rehabilitation exercise only, exclusively for the elderly or women. Each and every one of us can practice pilates, since its benefits affect everyone equally.

The main benefits of pilates

  • Increase flexibility. The movements and postures of pilates exercises cause the muscles to lengthen. As a result of this increase in flexibility, we will prepare our body to be able to carry out other more intense workouts.
  • Improve your strength and tone your body. Pilates exercises cause the muscles to contract, causing the muscles to become stronger, more defined, and more resilient.
  • Correct posture. Thanks to Pilates you will learn and get used to maintaining a correct back and shoulder posture.
  • Strengthens joints and muscles. Thanks to the increased flexibility and resistance of our muscles and joints, we will make the risk of injury lower.
  • Weight loss. Combining pilates with some aerobic activity promotes fat burning and weight loss.

In addition, breathing is a fundamental aspect in the practice of pilates. Controlling breathing during exercises will help you improve your breathing in general and with it, you will improve the circulation of your body.

If you want to learn how to perform Pilates exercises customized according to your needs and your goals can get in touch with our personal trainer or personal trainer. She will help you improve the state of your muscles and joints!

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