Hypopressive exercises with a trainer in Benalmádena

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The hipopresivos exercises are based on doing certain postures and movements that get toning the deep abdominal muscles and the perineum. They are somewhat complicated to perform, especially if you have no experience.

That is why it is so important to have the services of a personal trainer like María José Escudero, who provides her services at home, in a gym or outdoors in Benalmádena. Without this personal trainer, you are at risk of injury from doing the wrong exercise.

Read on to find out what it is and what are the benefits of hypopressive exercises that you can practice in Benalmádena.


The hipopresivos exercises aimed decrease the pressure in the thoracic, abdominal and pelvic cavitiesAfter delivery, and to get back to the figure and weight we had at the beginning, it is very bad to do traditional abs. They could cause urinary incontinence, prolapse and diastasis.

Instead these hypopressive exercises are performed, which also have application in prevention and sport. But always remember to do them with a professional like María José Escudero, specialized in postpartum exercises and that you can take advantage of in Benalmádena without leaving home.


Starting with our personal trainer your hypopressive exercises you will notice big changes that will improve your life day by day. Remember that they can be done both at home, as in a Benalmádena gym that has a dedicated space, or outdoors.

Some of the benefits of starting this training are:

  • Decrease the abdominal circumference improving your physique and your posture
  • Prevent the pelvic floor from weakening after giving birth
  • Prevent hernias such as inguinals or abdominals
  • Prevent injury by improving muscle tone
  • Avoid urinary incontinence

Do not hesitate and try the hypopressive exercises with our personal trainer. It will make you a personalized training calendar to your current state and the goals you want to achieve, in addition to helping you to perform each exercise correctly so that they are effective and do not cause injuries.

If you want more information about the hypopressive exercises you can do in Benalmádena, contact us.

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