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Home exercises

Work out at home could be a really good option when there is no time and it could be a efficient way to keep fit and happy.

Specifically at this moment, we are isolated long time inside our houses, sit down for hours and eating more than we need just for keeping the same weight. All these new habits make us gain weight easily and produce a stress and depressed situation.

As a Personal Trainer, from Malaga I encourage you to stay in shape to improve your mental and physical health and also your aesthetic.

That is why I offer a Personal Trainer Online service which consist in two different options:

1. Personalized training live sessions trough Skype focus on your objectives, level, injuries and implements available at home.

2. Personalized training videos for different objectives, levels, injuries and implements.

Goals of these online trainings

The goals and needs for which I design the trainings are:

For these goals if you have materials at home, online training can be done with them.

If, on the other hand, there were no fitness materials, the training sessions would be carried out with self-loading and with elements that we all have in homes. So the design of the programming and online training is highly personalized and tailored to the measure and objectives of each one.

Improve posture

Activate and exercise muscles

Increase muscle mass

Decrease body fat

Eliminate back pain

Improve pelvic floor and urinary incontinence

Couple training

Decrease abdominal circumference

As your personal online trainer to achieve these goals, and thanks to more than 2o years of experience in the world of Fitness, I will use many training methods and techniques. Being some of them: circuits, Pilates, Hipopresivos, cycloindoor, step, trx, kangoo jumps, Sincrobox, Autocarga.


If you are interested in knowing what those exercises would be like, watch these two videos. These are just some examples, the exercises and online training that I provide as an online personal trainer will be personalized and adjusted to the objectives of each one.


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