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With the start of a new year, the perfect opportunity comes to start living a healthier life . The changes in your diet and your habits are essential to improve your appearance, your physical health and your mental health .

To achieve this, start your personalized training now with the personal trainer María José EscuderoThis training is at home, so you will not have to leave the house to do all kinds of exercises that allow you to achieve all the goals you have set for yourself.

Our personal trainer will travel to Torremolinos with the most complete equipment once they have analyzed your level, the point where you are and where you want to go. It may seem that these types of exercises only work for people who want to lose weight, but there are many more services that we offer and that will help you achieve other goals.


In addition to the exercises adapted to your level that help you lose fat or gain muscle mass and have the health and physique you have always wanted, we have many other services that we offer at home in Torremolinos.

With the personal trainer Maria José Escudero you can carry out a training during your pregnancy and after delivery . It will help you avoid gaining weight to work your posture to avoid muscular pain and strengthen the pelvic floor.

If you have many back pains that limit you on a daily basis, with certain strengthening and posture improvement exercises you will eliminate them forever and learn to prevent them.

Physical exercise is as important to having a healthy life as learning to eat in a balanced way . With Nutritional Coaching you will learn to control food anxiety and to choose healthy foods.


Set your objectives and goals to achieve during this year and finally change your habits with our personal trainer at home . From your own home in Torremolinos you can lose fat, eliminate back pain, learn to eat better or avoid weight gain during pregnancy, among many other services.

Contact us and get a healthier life.

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