Advantages of hiring a personal trainer in Malaga

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If you want to start improving your well-being , your physique and eliminate back pain caused by poor posture, start your training with our personal trainer in Malaga.

Whether at home, in a gym or studio, or outdoors , you can do all kinds of exercises adapted to your level and the goals you want to achieve when hiring our trainer María José Escudero.


After many years of experience with hundreds of clients, hiring our personal trainer can receive many services different workouts depending on the goals you want to achieve .

With training to lose fat you will be able to lose volume and fat percentage with different techniques and exercises. For this, it is also important to take care of the diet. Therefore, nutritional coaching is essential to control appetite and learn to eat healthy.

If what you are looking for is to increase your muscle mass , through various strength exercises you can mold and firm your body.

For menopausal women , weight gain is common. To avoid this, our personal trainer will help you avoid these changes and the appearance of fat in the abdomen.

Also, as we mentioned at the beginning, back pain can be alleviated with exercises . You will know how to walk, work and sleep with a good posture that does not harm your back.

All these exercises and workouts can be done alone, as a couple or with a group of friends . In this way it will be much easier and more enjoyable.


If you do not have time to do your training at home, outdoors or in a Malaga studio , you can also hire personalized online trainings from our personal trainer María José Escudero that you can see in video format on your computer. In the same way, to complement the exercises, you will access an online nutritional coaching to improve your diet.

Don’t wait any longer to start changing your habits and improving your health. Achieve all the goals you have always set for yourself effectively and quickly with a professional and experienced coach. If you have questions or want to hire our personal trainer to start your exercises, contact us. We will study your case, your objectives and we will propose exercises specially designed for you.

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