Benefits of Stretching, it’s time to stretch

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What does Stretching consist of ? It is an activity focused on relieving muscle pain, correct postures, stimulate body awareness and improve body mobility.

The practice of these exercises does not cause pain, it is an intense activity, since all the muscles are submitted, without the need for suffering, because it is a progressive exercise in which constancy is more important than speed.

The keys to Stretching are the following:

Controlled and maintained movements

Each maintenance has to last approximately between 20 or 30 seconds, it is important not to make sudden movements, it is necessary to feel a moderate tension in the muscle to verify that we are doing the stretches correctly.

Take care of the postures

It is vital to prevent injuries, especially in exercises that work the back, in this way we will get more performance from the activity performed.

Pain, no need

When we feel pain, our body is warning us that we can cause injury and this is what we are trying to avoid.

Helps combat stress

Currently stress is a problem suffered by many people in society due to work, family, time, etc., Stretching is an ideal task to put stress aside.

Do you want to practice Stretching? María José Escudero, our personal trainer will help you learn the best stretches to relieve muscles.

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